Discounts: All The Options You Have


Discounts: All The Options You Have

We know that over 50% of tickets don’t sell until the week of your event. Ok, the grand reveal: Half of your ticket sales don’t come until the week of the event, and I can speak from personal experience–that’s pretty stressful!

And knowing is half the battle. How do you win this war of procrastination and get people to commit to going? Well, by giving people incentive to buy now.


Here’s the thing about discounts: you need to use them in the right way for them to be effective. What do we mean by this? If people aren’t willing to pay the cost of a ticket, your event strategy is wrong. Discounts should get people to buy more tickets or buy earlier, not lower the perceived value of your event. Here are all the options you have:

Word-of-mouth Discounts
Give influencers a personalized discount code they can share out with their networks. We recommend writing personal emails to send these discount codes out. They can use this discount code however they like: to invite their friends, to promote their own agenda, or to award their fans. Basically, you are getting other people to do the marketing for you and those people should be rewarded.

Early Bird Tickets
If someone is willing to commit to buying a ticket way before the event, you should offer them a discount. Often, early bird tickets are sold before the entire event lineup is announced. Having a bunch of early bird tickets sold helps put your mind at ease when you go to pay for deposits and finalize your event budget.

Group Deals
If a group of people buys tickets, the amount of marketing you need to do to sell the rest of the tickets is reduced. By saving money on marketing, you can pass that money on and give a group discount.

The Introductory Price
Offer first time event goers a discount on one ticket type only. They’ll get to check things out at your event, and you’ll keep price integrity for the rest of your ticket types.

Limited-time Upgrade Discounts
Think of this discount as a way to get people to level up. When people go to buy a regular ticket, offer a discounted VIP ticket right below it. They’re getting a better ticket and you’re getting more money from that event goer.

If you have an event series, you can bundle tickets in for your future events in with current events. Offer people a discount if they buy a ticket to your next three events. If they commit to being a loyal event goer (and at the same time give you some cash for operating costs), they totally deserve a deal.

Advertise Day-Of Prices
This one’s the opposite of a discount. You know when it’s raining outside and $5 umbrellas are suddenly $20? The perceived value of a ticket is higher when people are standing there waiting for the event to start. Advertising at the door prices beforehand gives people the head’s up that yes, when they need to pay, that price will be higher.

All of these discount options are available to you, but don’t offer them all up at the same event. Use one or a small combination of them to kick your sales into high gear.


  1. Katy O'Gara 4 years ago

    Is there a setting to do early bird pricing, or is that something that has to manually get changed by me?

    • Audrey Wiggins 3 years ago

      Hey Katy, not sure if your event happened already or perhaps you already figured out the answer to this question. I would set the early bird ticket with an earlier deadline than the other tickets. That way we do not have to manually remove the ticket, it will simply expire. The visitor will see all tickets available at once.

  2. Wendy 3 years ago

    My company is planning a book launch for the first week of February and we are trying to set up incentive for our authors to sell tickets. Is there anyway to set up a code that will help us track which author has sold the tickets or can we set up various links for the same event?

    • Author
      Sarah Lang 3 years ago

      Yes, you can give each author their own link with personalized tracking, this is no problem on Ticketleap!

  3. Regina 3 years ago

    Hi Sarah, I’m teaching a business course for Artists and am having difficulty getting people to sign up. I’ve been posting the ad on Instagram and Facebook getting only likes with no inquiries. How can I apply your suggestions for my particular event?

  4. Kamagra 2 years ago

    Having a bunch of early bird tickets sold helps put your mind at ease when you go to pay for deposits and finalize your event budget.

  5. Michelle 1 year ago

    How far in advance should I do an early bird ticket? And how much of a discount should I do?

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