Excuses For Not Organizing An Event

You know events are a good way to grow your community, but you haven’t started yet. Why not?


Excuses For Not Organizing An Event

Here are a couple of excuses for not throwing an event and why we we’re marking them as false.

“Throwing an event won’t help me unless hundreds of people show up.” Au contraire, friends. If size matters, smaller is better. For events. Starting small is a good thing because it’s easier to create a meaningful connection with a handful of people.

“Throwing an event won’t help me get my name out to the right people” Events make it easier to get your name out. A local reporter will be much more likely to write about you after attending one of your events. On top of that, events are a great way to get introduced to your 2nd degree connections. Your friends bring their friend and their friends become your friends.

“I need to reach influencers” The people that come to your early, small events? Yeah, those ARE your influencers. Everybody has the potential of becoming your champion word-of-mouth marketer. So put on the white gloves, roll out the red carpet and treat everyone so special that they can’t help but talk about your event. Once people start talking about the great time they had at your event everyone else will want to know when your next event is.

“The event needs to be directly related to what we do.” There’s really only a handful of companies that can pull something like that off, because who would want to go to a cloud-based enterprise CRM sales solution tool platform party? No one. Stop thinking about what you do and start thinking about having fun. Lately, we’ve seen a bunch of successful events put two things together that you wouldn’t normally think of. Like black tie beer pong, or yoga in a museum or lobster in sweatpants.

So, what have we learned today? Small events can yield big results. Events can help you with your marketing goals, like getting some press. Make people feel special and they’ll be your best influencers. And finally, events are supposed to be an experience, so stop thinking about a sales pitch and have some fun.


  1. Herman Nilsson 4 years ago

    Why you slag Canadians 😛

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Author
      Sarah Lang 4 years ago

      I’m Canadian! Running joke in the office that I can’t go a day without mentioning it.

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