How to Market Your Event on Facebook



How to Market Your Event on Facebook

There’s no such thing as a free lunch on Facebook, but if you’re willing to put in the work, it’s a great channel to get the word out. Commit to doing a little bit of work every day and your event will be sold out before you know it. Here are some of the things we’ve learned.

Any Facebook post you write should be full of your personality. Include clear details about the event and something to get the attention of people scrolling by, like a photo. Focus on writing something that will create engagement and not just sell your event.

Asking a question is usually a solid way to involve people that are interested in coming. Recruit your friends to share your event information and add their own comments. Organic shares get you more impressions. You shouldn’t rely on anyone seeing your post and sharing it on their own. You’ll have to reach out to people and ask (nicely).

If your friends aren’t the right fit for sharing your posts, find a community to support you instead. Be selective here — spamming everyone on Facebook will not work out well. To avoid this feeling weird, think about communities with similar audiences to yours and see if there’s anything you can post in return. This could be promoting a local restaurant or a partner organization. When asking people for help make it easy for them by sending them the exact text to share.

As little as $5 can boost impressions. (I feel like the Shamwow guy.) This works well when you’ve got a large following on Facebook, but your post isn’t getting seen. Target the exact demographic you are going after and keep it to a small geographic area. Your goal here is to target the people most likely to click like, share or comment on your post.

Here’s our Go-All-Out Bonus Tip:
Ask key influencers to change their profile pictures to a special event image. A feed of matching profile pictures really get people’s attention.

Are we done?!

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    Sarah Lang 5 years ago

    There really isn’t anything worse than trying to post something to Facebook and it getting under 10 impressions. Rachel and Jennifer had some great ideas in their post on the type of content you can try posting to Facebook (and elsewhere!). Check it out here:

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