What to do after your event



What to do after your event

Your event is over, but that doesn’t mean the work is finished (sorry). Take a second to relax but don’t forget why you created your event in the first place, to connect with your event goers! Following up with them is the first step in creating long-lasting relationships. Here are some tips on what to do after your event:

First, Say Thank You and tell them what their support means to you and your organization. You could do this with a personal phone call or a handwritten note. What we usually do is say Thank You in an email. We use Ticketleap’s email blast feature most often, but sometimes we use Mailchimp if we have gathered additional email addresses at the event.

Let them know if you plan to do this event again, and what other events you’re working on. This is also an excellent opportunity to mention your event sponsors one last time.

Send surveys to everyone in order to find out how your event goers liked your event and what to improve for next time. This could be done with a simple link to a Google Form or Survey Monkey, but if we feel like gettin’ fancy we like to use Typeform. Think about what you want to find out from your event goers and set up questions to get those answers.

Some of our favorite questions to ask are:

  • What do you remember most from the event?
  • How comfortable did you feel to ask questions?
  • How relevant were the vendors to you?
  • Was there something you were expecting but did not receive?

And Finally Send out useful content that sums up the eventur. Send this content to people that went to your event but also to  people in your community who couldn’t atten. We hava entire video covering event content, but here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Videos or notes from speakers and discussions
  • Photos for people to tag themselves in, download and share
  • A twitter list of event goers so everyone can keep in touch
  • A blog post you wrote to continue the discussion

This content makes your event feel important to everyone, making more people likely to come to the next one.

Meeting people face-to-face is only worth anything if you do something with those connections after your event. Since you’ve already put so much hard work into your event, you should do yourself a favor and follow up with them!


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