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How To Create The Right Energy At Your Event

Have you ever seen those videos where they put creepy music on a video of something not creepy? And all of a sudden - it's super creepy?

It's not always about what you create - sometimes, it's about how you present the product you've created and the energy that your product gives off. Event energy doesn't just come from one thing either; it's a whole bunch of moving parts combined that create good energy. Great, one more massive element to think about, right? Ya, we're right! If you're throwing a lip-synching contest, then it better have the high party vibe; otherwise your dance floor will be dead, and you can't say we didn't tell you. 

Figuring out what kind of energy you want at your event isn't necessarily about the event topic - you want to ask yourself what "What is the feeling I want my guests to leave with at the end of the day?" You might be hosting a brunch honouring cancer survivors, but that doesn't mean the energy level has to be somber and low key - maybe you want your guests leaving feeling inspired and energized about the difference they can make. Set the tone right from the start: when your guests arrive, create a little mood with music, lighting, and color patterns. A black table cloth is one thing - a black table cloth sprinkled with sequins and confetti is something else entirely (and way harder to clean up so choose wisely when it comes to confetti). 

Your Programming

We're going to assume that you've already seen the artists or speakers who are headlining your event, and so you'll have a good idea of the energy they bring to an event. Use their output to base the energy level you want for your event, and try to compliment and match what you know they'll bring to the table. 

Your Playlist

Music is an element that can take some of us down the rabbit hole, but we get why it takes so much time. Music fills the room, and so it's got to be right - if it takes you a few tries to perfect your place list, that's cool. Book launches might have inspired jazz playing, film festivals might have movie scores playing, and marketing conferences might have the best of James Brown. Whatever music you're going with, get a SOCAN license to make sure you have the permissions to play your tunes! 

Your Decor

Don't feel like you need to re-invent the wheel with your decor, there are some tried and true tricks you can easily fall back on for your event decor. Color coordinating things like your signage, stationery, and table linens is super easy and can define the energy in the room visually. Bright orange as your primary color will set one energy level, and slate grey will set another. Pre-show sliders on any screens can be added to the decor, and the dollar store is a great place to liven up your event space on a budget. 

Your Team

Ok, obviously, you want all of your staff to be professional and courteous, but the energy of the greeters at your registration table is infectious. Quiet, respectful, and helpful or funny, dancing, and outgoing, your people set the mood right out the gate. 

You've got this, so go ahead and create an event

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