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Marketing your event 101

Your event is all set up on Ticketleap and ready to roll out. Ok great! But also, what now? You're already an expert in your field--and you're about to become an expert event planner--now you have to figure out marketing too? The short answer is yes. At Ticketleap, event marketing is our specialty, and we've got your back with a starter strategy to get things off on the right track. 

A major key to your event's success is the ticketing page you just set up. That link is the hub of your event information, the place you're going to want to push all your prospective customers too. One of the first steps in successfully marketing your event is how you describe it on your ticketing page. Think about why you created your event - what hole in the market does your event fill? Maybe it's the location; maybe it's the subject matter; maybe you're envisioning a fresh way to present your content. In your marketing, celebrate how your project is unique! The next step is to describe why people will benefit from your event. What problem will your event solve or what void will it fill for people? Who will they be after they attend your event? People don't just want events, they want experiences. 

Now you know how to talk about your event - let's get moving on getting people to buy tickets. 

Your ticketing link

Memorize it, write it on your arm, scream it from the rooftops. But actually, you want that link anywhere and everywhere, so people always have access to it. Put it obvious places, like on your website and your Facebook Page, but put it sneaky places too like in your email signature, in your Instagram bio and on your LinkedIn page. 

Word of mouth

The simple act of telling people about your event is an excellent form of marketing, even in the age of digital media. Your passion for your event is going to translate better than any ad, so use your voice and celebrate it. Start with your inner circle of friends and family. They're the ones who want you to succeed the most, and they'll be the most likely to help you spread the word to people who they think might be interested. Don't be afraid to ask the directly to help you spread the word, they want to help! 

Places people meet and gather

Coffee shops, Facebook Groups, soccer games, the library… Start looking at the places people gather and try and determine if there is a way you can market to that group. Look for bulletin boards where you can put up posters, spaces in conversations you can jump into where it's appropriate to mention your event and online communities that might be interested in what you're doing. 

You've got this, so go ahead and create an event

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