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Post-Event Game Plan 101

It doesn’t always feel like it in the days leading up to your event, but eventually, your event will actually take place, and then it will be over. The time to plan what happens after your event is now, well before your event takes place. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind to make your life easier post-event. 


No shame to anyone who has ever just chucked all the binders, event decor, name tags, and random pens in a Rubbermaid bin after their event is over.  Life is full of minor annoyances, and one of them is when you go to pack up for your next event, only to find your bin is filled with stuff from your last event. Once you get those bins back to your office/garage/basement, do yourself a favor and organize them sooner rather than later. Carve out time to do it right away because you’ll be able to remember what worked, what you’d change for next time and what you’ll need to replace. Write down everything you remember!

Budget Reconciling

The word reconcile looks a little bit like recoil - or maybe that’s just us projecting? For a lot of first-time event planners, the budget is stressful. STRESSFUL. It can be hard to predict and estimate things. You'll need to pay vendors and having a plan ahead of time is going to make that easier and better. Reconciling is really about making sure you're at least settled up with those who you need to be, and then seeing where you land. Take a deep breath and dive in, sooner rather than later. 

Guest Follow Up

Checking in with your guests is a great way to build loyalty with them, and to gain valuable feedback on what went oh-so-right and not-quite-so right. Depending on the size of your event, you can send out a survey to get some in-depth feedback, or you can keep it simple and send an email thank you note. In the email, ask for feedback and request a reply. Save your guest emails and add them to your email list, so you can keep them up to date with the latest news and your next event. 

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