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Video: The 4 Methods Of Check-In

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So you’ve planned your event, but how are you getting everyone inside? There are four tried and true methods for event check in.

1. Check them off of a list, 2. Collect their tickets, 3. Scan their ticket, or 4. Glance at their photo.

You can use these methods seperately or in combination with each other. We’ll walk you through it.

Attendee lists are a great option for smaller events that don’t require anything more than a clipboard and list, and a pen. No smartphone? No internet? No problem. If you have a longer list and want to get really fancy, check out this snazzy scissorwork. Now, if you do have a device and internet, many ticketing companies allow you to manage your list using their app. This is handy for three big reasons. New ticket sales appear in the list in realtime so there is no reason to stop sales and print the list. You can search the list by name, and you’ll know exactly how many people showed up.

Your second option is collecting paper tickets. It’s just what it sounds like. Event goers bring you their tickets and you collect them. It’s a quick method. It doesn’t require additional resources. However, it’s hard to fish out duplicates. If that’s a major concern then you should go with option three, scanning tickets.

You’ve seen this guy before. To ensure that a ticket is used once and only once, your best bet is scanning. Ticketing companies have different ways of doing this, but most scan the barcode using an app and the device’s camera. If a ticket is scanned twice, you’ll know. With this method the tickets can be presented in either paper or digital form. Things to consider with this method: scanning is secure, but it could slow down a big line–especially with a shoddy internet connection. Test before it’s showtime. Showtime!

Looking for a method that’s a bit more human? Selfie Ticket’s your answer. Using our customers’ feedback, we designed a new, faster, and friendlier way to check in event goers. The way it works is your event goer gets an email the day before the event with instructions to download the app. Once in the app, they snap a selfie to generate their secure ticket. Now all that’s left is to simply show their ticket, make sure it’s a match, and they’re in.

When we throw events, our favorite combination is Selfie Ticket with an attendee list on the app as backup. But each event is unique so pick the one that suits you best.

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